Thursday, February 4, 2010

fleur de sel!

No recipes here! Just wanted to post to say that I am absolutely in love with fleur de sel. I picked up a small bag in Paris a year in a half ago, and barely use it, considering it one of those special occasion type things. But, someone at work recently posted an article from I believe the Toronto Star, with recipes for bitter seville orange marmalade. I'm not a big jam person (despite my canning efforts last summer), or *sweet* person in general, preferring savour, salty delights. However, I was inspired by this article the next time I was browsing at the grocery store and picked up a (what I hoped was) quality jar of seville orange marmalade. One of my new favourite breakfeast treats is this bitter marmalade on toast, with butter, topped with a (generous) sprinkle of fleur de sel.

And, I have been craving a deep, intense chocolate dessert this past week - perhaps due to the chocolate panna cotta winterlicious dessert we are currently serving, or maybe simply hormonal cycles. Due to laziness, and preoccupation with other matters, I opted tonight to instead eat chunky peanut butter, again generously sprinkled with fleur de sel, off a spoon with semi-sweet chocolate chunks! Wow guilty pleasure - not my usual fare, I promise you. BUT - I credit the fleur de sel for bringing it up above and beyond. What else can I possibly use this treasure for?!

disclaimer: I will actually post recipes, and not random late-night snacking (accidents?) soon!

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